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Annamária Miklós

Annamária Miklós

Regional HR Manager, Jenbacher Gas Engines Hungary Kft.

I am the regional HR Manager of Jenbacher Gas Engines Hungary Kft. (INNIO). I feel great at the company, the very supportive environment is provided by the local team and the colleagues working at the Austrian headquarters. I am proud of my workplace because it also represents unique values ​​in the field of equal opportunities.

During my career I gained 15 years of experience in the automotive and in the SSC environment.

I consider it my profession to ensure the full employment of returning and or fresh mothers and fathers.

My heart’s desire is women’s career management.

I spend my freetime as actively as possible with my family and friends. In a senior swimming association, I train three times a week, running, baking and cooking. Because I love working in a team, one of my favorite leisure activities is sailing. I earned a small boat license two years ago. Whenever I can, I relax by the water.