Entrepreneurs Group

Our Entrepreneurs group is lead by Annamária Varga, founder and CEO of a company called Iroda Hatékonysági Ldt ( Office Effectiveness Ltd). She started her company 5 years ago after changing careers and leaving a senior leadership role at Morgan Stanley. She is now running a very successful new entity, that employs lots of people and is continuously growing in revenue and activities. She has never looked back and she would like to see more and more women taking the brave step to establish their own company and give role models to many more.

But what are the opportunities of a female entrepreneur today in Hungary? How can it serve society’s interest that more women and even young women starting their working life become entrepreneurs and establish new  companies. This will of course grow the economy, establish new jobs. How can we help them? What are the special considerations of women as opposed to men when creating and running companies?

These topics and very inspirational role models’ stories are discussed in this group.

This group meets every 6 weeks. We start with listening to the story of a very successful female entrepreneur that gives inspiration, ideas and tips to the ones present, and there is room for discussion and questions, practical advice. When these events are in person (pandemic allowing) after the main speaker we have another speaker about a generic topic that is interesting and important for all entrepreneurs, like legal issues, finances, marketing, etc. 

This part of the events is on hold while we can only meet online, otherwise the time before the screen is too long, but we hope to return to this tested and  much liked format soon.