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As our members are individuals that are highly respected and knowledgeable in their area of expertise hence – when we meet, its always a great possibility to share knowledge, or even debate.

We don’t only learn from each other regarding diversity and equality issues at large, but also in relation to our own area of expertise. Equal opportunities, inequality, the effects of diversity on business results, are all issues that are intertwined with all aspects of work. One of the most obvious aspect is the area of HR. Who do we hire, based on what criteria and how are these decisions might be affected by unconscious biases? Can we put together diverse teams in our companies that excel in innovation? These are some of the topics that are on the top of mind for all HR leaders. That is why we formed our HR Professionals group. We aim to help HR leaders transform their organisations.

Another aspect that we focus on is entrepreneurship. Why would it be good for the whole economy if a lot more young women would start their own company? How can we support this, what are the special requirements and ideas of female entrepreneurs and where do they need more support than their male peers, how does family life affect their businesses differently? These topics and a lot of inspirational role models await the members of our entrepreneurs’ group that we have recently started, especially looking at the challenges of the ‘New normal” work environment.

Our third group is revolving around heavy topics, such as will our grandchildren be able to live on earth as we do? Can we keep the balance of the earth as it is for another 50 years to come? What are we supposed to do in business, society, and in our everyday lives in order to maintain human life on earth? Why is women’s equality and participation in decisions is crucial for a sustainable world? These and other important topics are on the agenda of the sustainability group.

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