Knowledge hub

On these pages we are collecting as much information and knowledge as we can, so that you can learn about all sides of gender equality and equal opportunities at work.

We are mainly compiling research on various important topics, research done by other organisations, but we also do our own research and hope to grow in this area as we grow. But  we also collected some great videos, adverts, speeches that we think are educational and helped us along the path of learning. In  some of them you might recognise yourself, or another colleagues, you might stop and think and realise why others behave in a way you did not understand up till then.

On our “What can you do?” pages we aim to give practical advice for your every days, for your company that might want to change so it can be a more relaxed, more effective and healthy workplace.

On our “Best Practices” page we are trying to collect great examples that you and/or your company might follow, too! Of course this is only our own opinion.

Tudat alatti előítéletek
Unconscious Bias
Egyenlő fizetések
Equal pay
Női karrierek
Women’s Career
Egyenlőség hatásai
Impact of Equality