Sustainability Expert Group

Sustainability Expert Group

Will our grandchildren be able to live on earth as we do? Can we keep the balance of the earth as it is for another 50 years to come? What are we supposed to do in business, society, and in our everyday lives in order to maintain human life on earth? Why is women’s equality and participation in decisions is crucial for a sustainable world? 

What can the Equaliser Foundation do for this? 

Creating a sustainable order is everybodies’ role. We cannot change the past, but what we do today and in the future is in our hands. We at the Equaliser Foundation believe in positive change and our role, our joint power in making it happen. We believe that men and women should be equal and that this is a basic sustainability question. 

The aim of the sustainability group is to showcase and support that gender equality in business, in the economy, in the society and in the homes is a sustainability question, not just our economic and societal interest.