If we notice something very harmful, unethical or against values that we strive for and we believe that we can effectively and quickly stand up against it and help to stop it, we will do so. 

We believe that the use of harsh tools is not a solution, but that convincing those who cause harm, to stop is possible. 

We successfully intervened into the advertising campaign of a company that oversexualised a simple topic that should not have been, and showed a very harmful example. We aim to do the same in the future when we come across similar activities and aim to act as consulate partners in areas of equality. 

We also aim to create activities and communication that will help eliminate sexist behaviour.

Some of the topics we are planning to campaign about are: equal pay, equal distribution of family work, equal work in bringing up and caring for children, and the elimination of  sexism at work. 

If you feel that you want to get involved, let us know!

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