The Foundation

We believe that building a career, being a leader, is our universal ability independent from our gender. Our aim is that all of us – men or women – can bring a decision about our professional path regardless of our gender.

In Hungary, almost 50% of all working citizens are women, their role in society and in our economy however does not come to 50%. In our parliament female MPs are less than one third of the EU average. In the top management of big companies, the proportion of women is less than 17%.

Equalizer Foundation’s main goal is to start and speed up the changes that are needed in order to achieve higher representation of women in decision making at companies, in politics, in the cultural, academic and scientific institutions and life in general.

We focus on 4 main areas: regulation, network and support, creating visibility for equality and diversity, and reducing and eliminating everyday sexism that holds back women and men. Equalizer Foundation wants to play a leading role in kick starting speedy change, to achieve equal opportunities at work.

We welcome everyone who embraces this goal and wants to do something for it.

 Who Are We?

Influential leaders, professional communicators from the fields of economy, media, science and the arts.


What We Believe In?

That men and women are equal

That the equality of men and women at work makes economic sense

That together we can help create a new generation of decision makers that will represent the whole of the society

What We Want to Achieve?

That society – including women themselves – should not discriminate against women , and that it should demolish the harmful stereotypes of men’s and women’s roles.

That more women should be empowered to give their best.

That more men should take active part in the family life.

That more women should get into leadership positions.

That media should change the way they portray women and women leaders.

What Do We Do?

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Think Together

Change Perceptions

Create Visibility

Lead Social and Expert Debate

Create Alliances

Our supporting companies


Are you interested in our activities and would you like to take part?

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