Importance of role models

It is well known saying that you cannot be what you do not see.

This means that people want things they know of, careers and opportunities they heard of, they are aware of. In relation to our topic this means for example that a small girl would not want to be a firefighter in Hungary, as there are no female firefighters to be seen. The lack of role models, the repetition of known stereotypical roles are limiting people’s dreams and achievements, the opportunities of our children today, whether they are boys or girls.

We believe in the role of role models, so it is an important part of our work to make the careers, the success of female leaders visible for generations to come. 

On these pages of our site, we do not have materials yet. Our foundation is small and does not have sufficient funds to pay contributors for these pages, so if you know of any useful materials that should be made available on these pages, please help us and let us know.

What can You do
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