We all know that we are different from each other. We have different habits, have different tastes, and we can get along with some people very well, and with others…well…not so well. But we rarely notice that the lack of diversity in our life, in our work, in our group of friends can negatively affect our success. Innovation happens when we think the previously unthought and when we find solutions for problems that nobody ever did or even tried to do. Members of homogeneous groups think alike. They often come up with very similar solutions to each other. We have all experienced how smooth and nice it can be to be part of groups where we all think the same, know the same and just get along so well.

Unconscious bias, bias that we don’t know we have are the biggest obstacles of diversity, and so this is the number one enemy of innovation, too.
For a modern, 21st century manager the following things are crucial in terms of achieving innovation and competitiveness:

  • Fair, bias free decisions,
  • The ability to attract and keep the right talent,
  • The ability to create an inclusive company culture

Our foundation has developed its own materials on diversity and diverse teams for successful leadership topics, you can read about these in the pages below.

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