HR Expert group

Our expert group of HR leaders is led by Judit Szalóky Tóth, a partner of Boyden Executive Search. As an expert having impact on the leadership selection of top companies, she has great responsibility. During her work, Judit has interacted with incredible companies and talented female leaders across the globe. However, she has also experienced and is experiencing every day, that even if we have great examples of organizations actively promoting diversity or seeking the breadth and depth of capabilities that will help them achieve their business goals, many of them are still missing the opportunities to tap into diverse leaders. Being an executive search expert, she is committed to ensuring that companies are exposed to the leadership that can be critical to their success and talented female executives are not overlooked for leadership positions.

Equal career opportunities, equal pay, the effects of diversity on team dynamics, unconscious bias, leadership decisions and business results and the level of innovation are all issues that HR professionals need to deal with. Who do we hire and how well we do our talent engagement and development to create the best diverse teams for growth?

This is why we created our HR Professionals Group, to debate and learn in this field.