Our society is changing. Just like everything in life. From time to time, debates erupt with a big bang, where tabus, inequalities, dreams and hopes were suppressed for a long time. When something does not change slowly, naturally, organically, but erupts, it can cause pain, hurt, big surprises. This can also bring resentment and splash back. This was similar in 2018 with the #Metoo movement. It was obvious to bring on debates as many people never knew about this, and were therefore questioning if it is true, whilst many people have been silently suffering from it for a long time and their wounds have been ripped open and hurt. The clash of 2 groups with very different experiences is obvious. We need to debate in these cases, and we need to listen very carefully. Debate gives opportunity for people to understand each other’s point of view and experiences. Debate is much needed for creating an equal opportunity environment and for making living together easier and nicer. In our topics, equality, debate is even more important!

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