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Everyone has biases, some of them, we are aware of, but most of them are hidden from us, we just don’t know that we have them and we act under their supervision. Stereotypes, whether they were ready made for us, humans long ago or whether we attined them through experiences are important in our everyday lives. This quick way of thinking that builds on schemas can save our life.

But there are many more occasions and situations, especially at work, where a more analytic, more thoughtful approach would serve the purpose better. We need to make ourselves aware of these situations, so the hidden biases do not work against our interest. If we manage to bring important and serious decisions overcoming our biases, only then we will be able to fulfill our human potential and can let and help other people fulfill their potential. We otherwise risk that only the traditionally predetermined opportunities are available to us and to our organisations. You might start to realise how this kills innovation and progress.

Unconscious bias basic

Handling unconscious bias training, introductory course

This is a short half day training where participants become aware of their unconscious bias, will understand why and when they developed, what their evolutionary purpose is, and how they can hinder their success at work today.

Participants will also obtain some tools for combating the negative effects of our hidden biases.

Duration: 0,5 day

Unconscious bias advanced

Unconscious bias training for any colleague in the organisation

This is a one day course where the participants will understand their unconscious biases, why and when they developed, what they are for and how they can hinder their success at work today. They can obtain strategic knowledge that will enable them to integrate the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the economic and financial interest of their organisations. Participants will learn theory and practical applications alike.

Duration : 1 day


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