At the Foundation we work for the purpose to have a balanced representation of women in decision making as research shows that their involvement makes decisions stronger. In order to imagine themselves in a leadership role, it is essential for young women to see role models around them in terms of female leaders, work-life balance and sharing unpaid work equally. Career starters of today are still lacking this and rather experience old, traditional patterns in their families, at university or workplace.

Connect students of main Hungarian universities with successful female leaders. In order to have an inspiring experience early in their careers to believe that they can reach similar heights and cope with the challenges that might occur later on, in different stages of their careers.

#insteadofflowers career ambition
In the program Career ambition #insteadofflowers we are going to organise 2 hours long inspirational (career) talks for appr. 50 university students in April – May 2022.

Would you like to join the program? Please apply with filling in the below form till 15 April 2022.

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  • Erzsébet Antal (Managing Director, Profirent Gépkölcsönző Kft.)
  • Ildikó Balázs (Corporate affairs manager, Auchan Magyarország)
  • Banu Yesil (CE Product director, Tesco)
  • Anikó Bernáth (Regional HR lead, Wolt Magyarország Kft.)
  • Ágota Bíró (People and Strategy Director, Emarsys is a part of SAP)
  • Gabriella Bóda (Founder, Organisational development lead, [eureka] Consulting & Games)
  • Enikő Bús Dr. (Senior education expert, copywriter, gym owner, Antavo Loyalty Management Platform)
  • Ágnes Csiba-Herczeg (Managing director, Herczeg Ágnes Wine Consulting)
  • Zsuzsa Czagler (Managing director, Coach, motivation map expert, VIP Valued Inspired People Coaching Center)
  • Beáta Czinke (Executive Director, Head of Budapest Finance, Morgan Stanley)
  • Emese Danks (Communication expert, mentor, Lótuszvirág Egyesület)
  • Sonia Dimogli (County Manager Hungary, The Coca-Cola Company)
  • Andrea Dintsér (Leader, MVÜK Női Vezetői Klub)
  • Daria Dodonova (Chief Financial Officer, Magyar Telekom)
  • Judit Gál (Marketing and Communication Director, Danubius Hotels)
  • Edina Heal (Founder and CEO, Egyenlítő Alapítvány)
  • Gabriella Heiszler (Managing director, SPAR MAgyarország Kft.)
  • Nóra Hevesi (Head of Communications and Campaigns, Tesco)
  • Krisztina Horváth (Vice President, Rocham)
  • Nóra Horváth Magyary Voljc (Country Communication Officer, K&H Bank Zrt.)
  • Andrea Jurecska (Chief HR & Communication Officer, United Consult Zrt.)
  • dr. Stefánia Kapronczay (Managing director, TASZ)
  • Zsuzsa Kecsmár (Co-founder, Marketing lead, Antavo Loyalty Management Platform)
  • Anita Kiss (Manager, Workforce Advisory, EY)
  • Lilla Kiss (Owner, founder, Collectivo Szakértői Közösség /
  • Szilvi Koleszár (CEO and co-founder, Skool)
  • Annamária Miklós (HR Manager, Jenbacher Gas Engines Hungary Kft.)
  • Diána Müller (Head of Organizational Development & Talent acquisition, Yettel Hungary)
  • Lívia Nagy (Business Excellence Manager, INNIO / Jenbacher Gas Engines Hungary Kft.)
  • Dóra Örlősy (Business Partner Advisory, Roche Szolgáltató Kft.)
  • Judit Parádi (Managing director, Lemon&Lime)
  • Zsuzsa Rácz (Managing director, Terézanyu Bt.)
  • Claudia Sümeghy (Managing director, producer, JUNO11 Pictures Kft.)
  • Zsuzsanna Szak (General Manager, Henkel Beauty Care)
  • Enikő Szalai (Global HR Business partner, Just Eat Take
  • Judit Szalóky Tóth (Puplic Affairs Manager, The Coca-Cola Company)
  • Barbara Szigeti (Head Of Country People Operation, Tesco Magyarország)
  • Laura Tengerdi (Hungary Country Lead, Marketing & CX Consultant, Customer Experience Professionals Association)
  • Magdolna Tokai (Leader, owner, Working Moms)
  • Ágnes Vándor (Managing director, Professional Publishing Hungary (PPH Media))
  • Katalin Varga (VP, Client services, Espell Fordítás és Lokalizáció Zrt.)
  • Eszter Varga-Nagy (Communications Manager Hungary, The Coca-Cola Company)
  • Csilla Vörös (CEO, Nielsen)