The huge gap that divides the rich from the poor, women from men, young from old is growing. We believe that too few decision makers are representing the topics and are looking for solutions to problems that have been highlighted in the current crisis. Topics that are crucial, they are about death and life.

These are: healthcare, competitive and future proof education, caring for the elderly and the needy, looking after the environment.

Women’s participation in these decisions could bring results very quickly.

We work so that more responsible decisions are brought in our society, decisions that represent the need of more groups, not just a few, and that our children could live in a more equal world. Let’s change in a way that is good for everyone,

With 1% of your personal income tax we can help more women to be aware of their rights, their opportunities. We can empower more women to do well, and hopefully help to make the gap between men’s and women’s role in the economy and the society smaller.

Name of organisation: Egyenlítő Alapítvány
Tax number: 18845088-2-41