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Everyone has biases, some of them, we are aware of, but most of them are hidden from us, we just don’t know that we have them and we act under their supervision. Stereotypes, whether they were ready made for us, humans long ago or whether we attined them through experiences are important in our everyday lives. This quick way of thinking that builds on schemas can save our life.

But there are many more occasions and situations, especially at work, where a more analytic, more thoughtful approach would serve the purpose better. We need to make ourselves aware of these situations, so the hidden biases do not work against our interest. If we manage to bring important and serious decisions overcoming our biases, only then we will be able to fulfill our human potential and can let and help other people fulfill their potential. We otherwise risk that only the traditionally predetermined opportunities are available to us and to our organisations.

Unconscious bias,

or why we decide against our own interests – training

Understanding and dealing with our unconscious bias is important, not only because the world is heading in this PC direction or because it is a trendy and expected behavior, but also because we will be better people, better leaders, better teams, better organizations and ultimately create a better world around us.

If this goal is already very idealistic, then we add that our economic interests also need it. After all, becoming a valuable, sought-after worker for whom corporate head hunters compete is the desire for all of us.
How does this work and how can you turn it to your advantage? This online live course will help you with that.

Training duration: 90 minutes


Sexism or Equality?

Want to understand what sexism is, how it works and what the consequences are? Maybe you suffer from the sexist remarks of your acquaintances and colleagues every day and you are ready to do something to stop them, but you are afraid if you open your mouth you can’t argue sensibly, you just get outraged, and you want more than that. How can you recognize and stop sexism and create a healthier environment where everyone really has an equal chance?

In this online, live course you can learn exactly what sexism is, how it evolved, what its effects are, how it changes, why it is so incredibly harmful to everyone and how it limits people’s opportunities in life. You will be given tools to recognize and manage it so that you can shape your own and even others behavior in your work and private life as well.

Training duration: 90 minutes


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